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of TUOL SLENG commandant DUCH

(26 July 2010)


Facing Genocide documentary film with Theary Seng as antagonist of Khieu Samphan (Story Production, Sweden)
Facing Genocide, a feature-length documentary film on Khieu Samphan with Theary Seng as his antagonist and voice of victims (Sweden, Story Production, 2010).


TV interviews of David Aronowitsch, Theary Seng (International Rome Film Festival, 2 Nov. 2010)

David Aronowitsch, Theary Seng, Sina Seng, Tobias Janson on red carpet, International Rome Film Festival, 3 Nov. 2010

Facing Genocide nominated for Best Documentary Film at the International Rome Film Festival.

in NPR



After Years-Long Wait, Cambodians See First Genocide Sentencing (Duch's Verdict, 26 July 2010)

Theary Seng with Voice of Democracy Burma and Dutch Film Crew, 21 April 2010
Theary Seng filmed by Voice of Democracy Burma's Zor, who is being filmed for a documentary on his VoD Burma series by a Dutch film crew (Phnom Penh, 21 April 2010).

Theary Seng live interview on Al Jazeera, Duch case Feb. 2009
Theary Seng being interviewed LIVE by Al Jazeera International outside ECCC during Duch's hearing, Feb. 2009.

Theary Seng live on BBC, Jan. 2009

Live interview with Theary Seng on BBC World on the 30th anniversary of overthrow of Khmer Rouge via Vietnamese invasion (Jan. 7 celebration Olympic Stadium, Jan. 2009, with Guy De Launey). Approx. 7 min. video.

Dream for Darfur
Mia Farrow and Theary Seng greeting over 150 armed military police at the entrance of Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum (Jan. 2008).

NHK Close-up Today Program "The Khmer Rouge Tribunal" aired 26 June 2008.

Host Mr. Rageh Omaar, featuring author Theary Seng in London Studio (Feb. 2008).

Victims confront Khmer Rouge

Al Jazeera International's 101 East airs from Thursday, July 17, 2008. To discuss the issue, host Teymoor Nabili is joined by Arjun Goswami from the Asian Development Bank, Theary Seng from the Center for Social Development, and Dr Chap Sotharith from the Cambodia Institute for Cooperation and Peace. Also includes separate interviews with HE Hor Namhong, opposition leader Sam Rainsy, Theary Seng.

Al Jazeera International interview with Theary Seng on discovery of oil in Cambodia - blessing or curse (6 Aug. 2007).



Foreign Correspondent "Judging Genocide"

(half hour featuring author and CSD executive director Theary Seng and CSD public forum outreach activities in Kampong Thom (meeting with Pol Pot's family).

CNN World Untold Stories (aired 14-20 Sept. 2007)

Theary Seng speaking with Pol Pot's younger brother Saloth Nhep at his Kampong Thom home.  Later, Pol Pot's relatives attend the Justice & Reconciliation public forum facilitated by Theary Seng.  Filming for ABC Foreign Correspondent and CNN World' Untold Stories.  Saloth Nhep passed away in peace on Thursday, 4 Feb. 2010 at his home.

Kampong Thom public forum on Justice & Reconciliation, July 2007


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