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(35 minus 5, minus 11)

for DUCH, commandant of TUOL SLENG


Ms. Hong Savath who lost a relative at Tuol Sleng and both her parents to the Khmer Rouge and who courageously went public with the fact that she was raped by the Khmer Rouge, went into shock upon learning of the verdict.  Here supported by Theary Seng (Photo:  Reuters, Chor Sokunthea, 26 July 2010).

Theary Seng with Ms. Hong Savath after Duch verdict, 26 July 2010
Not a very pretty day (and it's not just the mascara running!)... Theary Seng comforting Ms. Hong Savath immediately after the verdict was announced (ECCC, 26 July 2010).

Sacravatoons by UNG Bun Heang


Award-winning songwriter/rapper Cambodian-American praCh Ly's reaction to the Duch verdict in this formerly untitled SONG, now titled

"Eleven Hours & a Couple of Seconds"

Rapping about Duch Verdict by praCh Ly

Rob Lemkin heard and loved the song and may include it in Enemies of the People.  praCh is very kind to credit me with the title and to quote me in the lyrics.


ECCC Decision on Case 001 (Director of Tuol Sleng, Comrade Duch).

In Khmer...

Dissenting Opinion by UN (French) Judge Jean-Marc Lavergne


Quoting Theary Seng:

Photo:  BBC (Theary at ECCC after verdict, 26 July 2010)

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ETC. (28 July 2010:  over 1,520,000 references in googling "Theary Seng Duch Verdict")



Events Leading Up to 1st ECCC Verdict

(Tuol Sleng Director Duch):

CJR Public Forum, Tuol Sleng Commemoration



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-   CNN International"Attorneys for Khmer Rouge Torture Prison Leader Appeal Conviction (25 Aug. 2010)




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