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Theary Seng (Le Royal, Roland Neveu, Dec. 2009)

... a WANNABE ARTIST ! The next best thing... befriend these creative individuals.

Acting Together on the World Stage

a feature documentary including works by playwright, librettist Catherine Filloux about Cambodia

". . . the idea of remembering as a revolutionary act..."

- Catherine Filloux

. . . . .

Exquisite!  Ethereally stunning! Breathtaking!

"Preah Thoang - Neang Neak"

A Royal Ballet performance in Paris, France (2010)

"jeb hand composition"

I wish I had kept up my dancing...

More videos on KI-Media



Ramayana Regional Dance Competition/Performances

with the front of Angkor Wat as the stage, 1996.  I was mesmerized, completely enthralled by the exquisite performance being there under the starlit night with the spires of Angkor Wat looming in the backdrop...


BBC World (August 2011)

Cambodia Dances to a New Rhythm


. . .


New Year's celebration in Long Beach, 2010.  More beautiful photos by Kimsua Chay...

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I am a huge fan of Cambodian artists and envy the talents and creativity of Leang Seckon, Sopheap Pich, Chhim Sothy, Chath pier Sath, Sacrava, etc. My brother Daravuth is not bad either.  And the honorary Khmer, John Weeks, is illustrating tirelessly to educate the young using comics. On the vocal front, who can compare with the legendary Sin Sisamouth, Cambodian-American Aretha Franklin Bochan Huy, jazz musician Prince Norodom Sirivudh, lyricist/singer Prince Sisowath Panara, tenor Khuon Sethisak, rapper praCh Ly, Dengue Fever...And dance, who can break a move like K.K. (Tuy Sobil) and his  breaking dancing club Tiny Toones?! And need I say much about the award-winning filmmaker Rithy Panh and his talented niece Bosba Panh?!


Theary Seng with John Pirozzi, Scott Stafford and Touch Chetha at CLA Studio, 14 April 2010
Theary Seng with the incredible cinematographer/director/producer and friend John Pirozzi, musician Scot Stafford, Touch Chetha of the popular hard rock band Dra Kha of the 1960s-70s at Studio CLA (Cambodian Living Arts) for last minute interviews on the making of Don't Think I've Forgotten: Cambodia's Lost Rock and Roll, a labor of love 9 years (conceived in 2001, started filming in 2003) in the making expanding the globe and interviews with Cambodian royalty (Prince Norodom Sirivudh, Prince Sisowath Panara, scholars/diplomats (Son Soubert, David Chandler, former Ambassador John Gunther Dean) and musicians/actors (Dy Saveth, Sieng Dy) - a brilliant film painting a different image of Cambodia not yet known to the world !! (Phnom Penh, 14 April 2010).  More... also KI Media


Dengue Fever of Sleepwalking Through the Mekong, directed by John Pirozzi; a great documentary (certain scenes filmed from my balcony on the riverfront during the Water Festival) I was fortunate to see when premiered in 9 Nov. 2007 at the Museum of Natural History in New York City (Photo: New York Times)

  • Cambodian Artists


    The amazingly gifted Cambodian-American Phanith Rama Sovann (in both Khmer and English!)

    Phanith Rama Sovann to represent Cambodia in Queen of the Universe Pageant in Jan 2013

    The beautiful, talented PICH Sophea

    artist Sopheap Pich Cycle
    Sopheap Pich's world famous installation.  Sopheap featured in Cambodian Art Emerges From Horrors of a Murderous Past (The New York Times/IHT, 29 Dec. 2010)

    artist Leang Seckon, Fleur and Theary Seng (Cambodia International Film Festival, 28 Jan. 2010)
    Artist/Singer Leang Seckon (especially of the Rubbish Project), Fleur and Theary Seng at the Cambodia International Film Festival, 28 Jan. 2010.  Seckon featured in Cambodian Art Emerges from Horrors of a Murderous Past (The New York Times/IHT, 29 Dec. 2010)

    Art by Leang Seckon of Princess Bopha Devi

    Supreme ballerina Princess Bopha Devi, captured above in artwork by Leang Seckon (always prominent in my apartment); below in the famous photograph.

    Theary Seng's family illustrated by artist Chea Vuthea, April 2010
    Young artist Chea Vuthea showing off his drawings with amazing likeness to the photos I've given him!  Please contact Ms. Sivnin EAM if you'd like to have Vuthea draw from your photos.  More images...


    Linda Saphan|
    Linda Saphan is a talented, brilliant friend, not to also mention a new mother and married to the very cool filmmaker John Pirozzi.

    MORE PHOTOS . . .

    Photographer Heng Sinith and Theary Seng at Memphis Pub.
    Talented photographer Heng Sinith whistling at Bona's Memphis Pub (Phnom Penh, Oct. 2005).


    Singer Bochan Huy, Desires Single
    The amazing, sultry voice of Cambodian-American Bochan Huy breaking into mainstream American music scene with her first solo album DESIRES (and recently released music video).  Khmer Bird interview.

    praCh and team after Emmy wins, San Diego, 26 June 2010
    The inspirational Cambodian-American rapper praCh Ly and dear friend (Photo: Stephen Carr/Press Telegram); 2 Emmy wins for RESIDUE (Photo: praCh; San Diego, 26 June 2010).  praCh is writing the score "Into the Wild" for the Oscar-nominated documentary Enemy of the People.

    legendary Quincy Jones, tenor Khuon Sethisak, Theary Seng (Phnom Penh, 2005)
    Legendary Quincy Jones, tenor Khuon Sethisak, Theary Seng at DCM Mark Storella's residence (Phnom Penh, 2005).


    Anne Bass and Sokvannara "Sy" Sar (Vanity Fair article/photos).  I was mesmerized at his performance at Chaktomuk Theatre as part of the new US Embassy inauguration week in 2005 as well as the documentary film premiering at the French Cultural Center.





  • Non-Cambodian Artists

    One of the truly, very rare moments I wish I am richer monetarily is when lusting after Eric Raisina Khmer silk designs... If ever I decide to leave the human rights field for the higher-paying private sector, it will not be out of fear from government repression, nor for romantic love but solely to be able to afford Eric's clothes (!).   I live in this embroidered silk dress by Eric (pictured), as you may have noticed from the photos of this dress spotted at various events around the world, here at The Hague, May 2009.


    Theary Seng and Detlev Buck after party of premiere Same Same But Different at the Chinese House
    German film director Detlev Buck and Theary Seng at the after-party of Same Same But Different premiere (The Chinese House, 19 Dec. 2009).

    Theary Seng at Same Same But Different film premiere in Phnom Penh with producere Claus and Production designer Udo Kramer
    In front of CINE LUX where SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT had its Cambodia premiere. Sok Leang, Theary Seng, producer Claus Boje, production designer Udo Kramer, Uncle Ani Seng from Toulouse, Daravuth Seng. (19 Dec. 2009, photo by Jenny Bombasaro-Brady).

    Theary Seng, Detlev Buck, David Kross, Claus Boje, Marc Eberle of Same Same But Different move Dec. 2009 Phnom Penh
    Theary Seng enjoying dinner at a Phnom Penh beer garden with SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT crew (Marc Eberle, director Detlev Buck, producer Claus Boje, actor David Kross, etc.) and Marie Naumann of Jewish Museum (Berlin), a few days after premiere, 22 Dec. 2009.

    Legendary actress Mia Farrow (Dream for Darfur) and Theary Seng greeting over 150 bulky armed military police with bouquets of lotus flowers as a crowd of journalists and Cambodian human rights community look on (at entrance to Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, Jan. 2008).

    Amazing singer and humanitarian, U2's Bono, and Theary Seng at press conference prior to P-8 Rock Concert (Rostock, Germany, June 2007).

    Matt Dillon and Theary Seng at Ponlork Restaurant (Sept. 2007)
    The very talented and well-read
    Matt Dillon, Theary Seng, Michael Hayes  and the all too-young staff of Ponlork Restaurant (Phnom Penh, Sept. 2007).


  • Theary Seng's Calligraphy


    My strand of claim to being an artist is my calligraphy (e.g. the complete book of Psalms) of millennium ago.

    Theary Seng Hotel Le Royal (photo by Roland Neveu, Dec. 2009)
    The wannabe artist escapes often to Hotel Le Royal for receptions/meetings and the Elephant Bar, when Cambodia becomes too insane, to contemplate why she didn't take up the life of a calligrapher or a contemplative in South Africa's Drakensberg. (Dec. 2009, Roland Neveu).




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Theary C. Seng, 11 January 2012
Chaktomuk Theatre, Phnom Penh, January 2010

January 7 is indeed a significant day for survivors of the Khmer Rouge. It arrested the macabre convulsions that would have swallowed all of us into a hellish hole if the [ ... ]


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