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Vietnamization: Pre-Khmer Rouge


The US-Vietnam War in Cambodia, a bloody sideshow


A South Vietnamese soldier keeps his finger on the trigger as he watches a Cambodian woman and baby emerge from bunker following airstrikes in the vicinity of a village near Cau Sap in Cambodia’s Parrot’s Beak area on May 7, 1970. (Nick Ut / Associated Press)

Smoke from airstrikes on enemy positions serves as a backdrop for South Vietnamese soldiers near Cau Sap in Cambodia’s Parrot’s Beak area on May 7, 1970.(Nick Ut / Associated Press)

The commander of a North Vietnamese army battalion smokes a cigarette given to him by South Vietnamese troops after being captured in a firefight north of Prasaut in eastern Cambodia’s Parrot’s Beak region on May 13, 1970. (Nick Ut / Associated Press)

South Vietnamese Marines rush to a U.S. Army helicopter near the Cambodian town of Prey-Veng in June, 1970. (Nick Ut / Associated Press)

Photos: Nick Ut

A South Vietnamese soldier takes a group of blindfolded Khmer Rouge prisoners to an interrogation center on March 17, 1972, in Kompong Trach, Cambodia. (Nick Ut / Associated Press)















Cambodia: No Justice for Grenade Victims 20 Years On

FBI Should Reopen Inquiry; Donors Should Demand Accountability



Twenty Years Later, Remembering a Grenade Attack That Killed 17

The Cambodia Daily | 30 March 2017



Sam Rainsy video:

ខួបទី ២០ នៃសោកនាដកម្ម គប់គ្រាប់បែក មកលើក្រុម បាតុករ ថ្ងៃ ៣០ មិនា ១៩៩៧

20th anniversary of the deadly grenade attack



Shaken Democracy

The Cambodia Daily | 31 March 2017


On May 25, the cable said, Khmer Rouge radio had “attacked the FBI in biting terms based on ‘reports from Phnom Penh,’ accusing the agents of consorting with Vietnamese prostitutes and licking the boots of Vietnamese puppets,” a reference to the CPP, which was believed by many to be responsible for the March 30 attack that killed 17 and injured about 150.

[Theary C. Seng's forwarded note:


We should all pause here, knowing what we know now more clearly of Vietnamization:


(i) the Khmer Rouge was already a spent force by this time in March 1997 with the govt's re-integration program;


(ii) the Khmer Rouge was an ultra-nationalist group whose remaining members would have sided and did side with Sam Rainsy and the Khmer Nation Party;


(iii) CPP and Vietnam regularly use and over-use "the Khmer Rouge" -- initially "ah Pol Pot" or the "Pol Pot-Ieng Sary clique" to make a clear distinction between individuals and Communist ideology as Vietnam and the CPP themselves were Communists as "the Khmer Rouge" -- as the bogeyman to hide their own bloody crimes and further bloody intentions;


(iv) CPP and Vietnam adeptly employed language and altered public perception, mainly the international community so attuned to the KR era and crimes at the expense of anything else Cambodian, on the word "Yuon" to connote racism and have since on this one word alone charge the whole Cambodian population of "racism" to divert attention from their own mass atrocities;


(v) how convenient that Hun Sen's CPP and their Vietnamese civilian advisors and embedded military commanders should raise fresh fears of the KR whom they've already tamed as a spent force militarily to cut short the investigation by the US embassy; when the investigation is pointing fingers at Hun Sen's CPP, why would the KR “attacked the FBI in biting terms based on ‘reports from Phnom Penh,’" for siding with Hun Sen's CPP, as the cable stated? why should we believe the Embassy's cable on this?;


(vi) the July 1998 elections were only one year away from the March 1997 attack, the first elections after Hun Sen's CPP (and Vietnam)'s stinging defeat at the polls in 1993; in 1994 they tried a failed coup ploy with Prince Chakrapong; in 1995, the grenade attack on BLDP; since 1993 to a year after 1998 elections, many assassinations, murders and mushrooming of "firefly" political parties that would only emerge during election seasons to sow confusion -- Vietnam and its civilian advisors and embedded Vietnamese military had a difficult time with the genuine democracy movement led by Sam Rainsy. See Declassified documents CIA recently made available online.]

A batch of 31 cables and other communications from the embassy related to the attack were sent to The Cambodia Daily in January this year, almost 10 years after a request for them was filed under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).





Kem Sokha and The Thick Wooden Throne Series



Kem Sokha is often seen seated alone in a thick wooden throne on stage, something that you hardly or never see Sam Rainsy doing. The more vacuous a person, the more props he needs to fill the emptiness. - Theary C. Seng, March 2017








Phnom Penh International Airport, 15 March 2017


Look who I found on the plane from KL?! My former assistant Sivnin and the cutest Angeline!

Sivnin deserves The Courage Award. I first met her as a receptionist at CSD when I became the executive director in March 2006. Through DANGEROUS thick and thin, she stayed by my side -- with a ready smile and eagle protective eyes -- till her marriage and move to Malaysia several years ago. In the game of life, she is MVP I will always want on my side. Whereas many Cambodians use niceness/goodness as a manipulative tool to get what they want, Sivnin and her family are gold-standard of goodness through and through.

Now, no longer assistant but friend and sister.





ANSA-EAP Board of Trustees Meeting

Manila, 14 March 2017


Bidding farewell to Dr. Mario Villaverde who resigned from the Board of Trustees to be the Deputy Secretary at the Department of Health and welcoming Dr. Angge from the former government back to ANSA now as a member of the Board of Trustees. With senior members of the ANSA secretariat.

More photos, captions






Catching up with a good friend I've not seen in ages after the AWESOME film screenings at Chaktomuk Theatre. Can I just say again, I am a huge fan of the amazing Kulikar Sotho! 8 March 2017








Residences DK

The place to be whether for a short-term or extended stay in The Penh!












"This secret recording is really a blessing in disguise for the CNRP because now the destructive deadweights are publicly revealed"

Theary Seng, 5 March 2017

Yes, I woke up this Sunday morning to the taped conversation between Hun Sen and Kem Sokha lasting 21:32 minutes.

Yes, I believe it is their real conversation: a servile Sokha sounding like a trapped, wounded animal and a very dominant Sen sounding completely in control of the conversation, steering Sokha to confess or agree to damning information, that Hun Sen helped establish the Human Rights Party and that Sokha and his daughter Mona have been scheming the internal coup, "Give it [Sam Rainsy] a hard slap... Can you do that? ... Just simply go on Facebook."

One of the many manifestations was Mona's public assault mocking Sam Rainsy as Peter Pan which drew such a public outrage against her that she and the father had to slither back; once again for the sake of a united CNRP, Sam Rainsy bailed them out.

Unlike the foreign press that lives in a parallel universe, the Cambodian democrats have always had strong suspicions of Sokha and his Human Rights Party, that it was established with Hun Sen's help to split the democrats' votes and sow confusion. And knew that he and Mona were at every turn undermining Sam Rainsy. Unfortunately, we are proven right on both counts.

If Kem Sokha doesn't want to be the most hated man and has ANY decency left, he should (1) dismiss his daughter Mona from all CNRP leadership positions, (2) resign and allow for the CNRP to hold a genuine extraordinary congress and nominate Kong Korm as presidential candidate to be voted on. I put forward again my formula of Kong Korm, Mu Sochua, Yim Sovann and Yem Ponhearith (where I had Sokha here before).

Sokha and Mona have been not only deadweights but destructive forces. If they want to salvage any of their ill-gained wealth and respectability, they should resign.

This secret recording--only to Sokha and not to Sen-- obvious from how Sen steered the conversation and his use of language in setting the trap--is really a blessing in disguise for the CNRP (minus Sokha and his unreformed minions within) because now the destructive deadweights are publicly revealed.

People will continue to vote CNRP IN SPITE OF Sokha as I had said earlier, now made easier because he's been outed.

I will vote CNRP and encourage everyone to do so as well--whatever Sokha's decision--because once CNRP wins, the voters will put Sam Rainsy in leadership once again.

Read the exchange on Facebook





"Inspirational" messages of pure "eloquence" from the Kem Sokha camp in response to Theary Seng's analysis of new CNRP leadership

Facebook, 2 March 2017

Sothy Ren, whose personal defamatory attacks of me as responses to my comments re the new CNRP leadership, likes and sounds like Samathida Kem, the person "he" reposts almost exlusively. And from "his" Facebook page, "he" is very accomplished.

When manipulative nice fails to appease... (sorry for posting this with inappropriate language)




All the ugliness in response to my earlier analysis on CNRP new leadership. And this "Josh Mc" whose "colorful" messages -- generously looking after my emotional health and sex life -- is one BRAVE, COURAGEOUS "fella" hiding behind a pseudonym and even thinks I have supernatural powers to write invisible messages to unknown "girlfriend" in the ether world. (Again I apologize to those tuning in for not deleting "his" posts for the inappropriate language.)



BTW, if this is their reactions to Ms. Theary C. Seng's simple analysis of "Kem Sokha as CNRP president is too vulnerable, a hostage to Hun Sen/CPP" and expressing her concern for the opaque CNRP new leadership selection process, adding that "If the CNRP wins, it will be IN SPITE OF Kem Sokha as president, because of the pure revulsion for Hun Sen and the CPP", we are quite curious if we will be treated to another round -- or several -- of more poetic missives of equal eloquence when/if Ms. Theary decides to elaborate as she had hinted. We anticipate with bated breath!












CNRP Vice Presidency Up for Grabs

Steering committee sends ranked deputies to a vote

New CNRP Leadership Set to Be Approved at Party Congress

The formula to defeat Hun Sen/CPP


I'm deeply troubled by the extremely rushed, expedited, opaque process of choosing the new CNRP leadership, WITHOUT CONSULTATION AND DÉCISION of the assembled delegates tomorrow.


What is the point of their presence besides using them to formalize their new head without their input or decision?


If the CNRP wins, it will be IN SPITE OF Kem Sokha as president, because of the pure revulsion for Hun Sen and thé CPP.


Maybe I will elaborate later.

- Theary C. Seng, 1 March 2017








SAM Rainsy is the only person

Hun Sen and Vietnam fear.

As reflected in the extraordinary measures Hun Sen's CPP took in amending the Law on Political Parties that forced the opposition leader Sam Rainsy to resign and paved the way for the dissolution of the opposition party.








Want to Make a Lie Seem True?

Say It Again. And Again. And Again

Wired | 11 February 2017

As the article relates to Cambodia:

"...Yuon, a term for Vietnamese most consider derogatory" -- despite the fact:

(1) the term is neutral;

(2) has only been propagandized to be "racist" during the Vietnamese occupation;

(3) many Cambodian scholars and leaders have formally responded to its neutral meaning, reminding us all the distinction between what is "politically correct" and what is "offensive" (derogatory);

(4) it is the same term Yuon / Yuan that the Thai have for Vietnamese but it's a non-issue there as it should be a non-issue anywhere;

(5) only written "most consider derogatory" a stock phrase in the English-language papers -- mainly written, all edited by non-Cambodians AFTER OCCUPATION; the use of the term was never or rarely called out as "derogatory" prior to occupation; and

(6) whereas "most" Cambodians do not consider it derogatory, save the CPP for obvious reasons and the one or two non-CPP loners because they want to be politically correct with their foreign friends and interviewers.

All speak to foreign hubris, particularly this last one dismissing the bulk of the Cambodian population and giving credence only to themselves the guests








Sam Rainsy Resigns


The rare and noble Statesman

who resigned "for the sake of the party".

The Most Excellent Sam Rainsy


១២ កុម្ភៈ ២០១៧ / 12 February 2017




បណ្តាំ លោកប្រធាន សម រង្សុី ល្ងាចថ្ងៃ ១២ កុម្ភះ ២០១៧

«សុខចិត្ត បាត់ ដំណែង, កុំ ឲ្យ បាត់បក្ស។

សុខចិត្ត ស្លាប់ខ្លួន, កុំ ឲ្យ ស្លាប់ជាតិ។»










Genocide under the Cover of Genocide





Read excerpts translated from French







K5 Genocide

Ethnic Cleansing,


Crimes against Humanity

and other Mass Crimes

during the 10 Dark Years


of the Vietnamese Occupation, 1979-89


Theary C. Seng, 3 Feb. 2017


Re: សម រង្ស៊ី / Sam Rainsy: ផែនការ ក៥ ក្នុងទស្សវត្សរ៍ ឆ្នាំ១៩៨០ | Building of the K5 Wall



What is Genocide?

[Theary: My comments as the definition pertains to Cambodia, particularly during the 10 years of Vietnamese occupation, are in BLUE.]








False Grand Narrative of Racism


The Vietnamization of Kampuchea:

A New Model of Colonialism

Indochina Report (October 1984)







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Theary C. Seng, 11 January 2012
Chaktomuk Theatre, Phnom Penh, January 2010

January 7 is indeed a significant day for survivors of the Khmer Rouge. It arrested the macabre convulsions that would have swallowed all of us into a hellish hole if the [ ... ]


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